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We offer highly specialized advice in Java digital experience management for multinational companies. This may seem like a very narrow niche, but it is one that requires highly technical skills and tons of experience in a wide variety of web-related technologies. Things that are often hard to find in western countries these days. The two platforms that guarantee the best results in this niche are the Adobe and Bloomreach Experience Managers

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the powerhouse combo for your content and digital asset management needs.

Get personalised, content-led experiences into market faster with Adobe Experience Manager, which combines digital asset management with the power of a content management system. (ref)

Bloomreach Experience Manager

Bloomreach Experience Manager (brXM) is an open and flexible CMS designed for developers and marketers. As the original headless CMS, brXM allows developers to build quickly and integrate with the systems. While it’s built for speed, it also provides top notch personalization and channel management capabilities for marketers to drive results. (ref)

Services offered on top of
digital experience platforms


Webpages are still the backbone of all digital experiences.
We implement your designs in reusable templates, componenents and fragments ready for dragging and dropping into your sites.


Every component and every template is designed and developed for mobile first.
You could even take it one step further and activate the headless service to deliver the content and data to your mobile apps.


E-Commerce has become so simple. Well, it isn't! E-Commerce is NOT about just adding a payment provider. It succeeds when you combine high value content with marketing, personalisation, reporting, learning, adapting and reacting at the fastest pace possible.


The CMS is at the origin of all marketing content. E-mail campaigns, SMS campaigns or WhatsApp and Facebook messaging, it all starts with content. We create the pipelines to deliver your content to your users. Whatever the channel!

Analytics and Reporting

Instant, automated and personalised reports make sure that you can quickly evaluate the choices that were made, learn from them and adapt the strategy for achieving even better performances.


For every product there is a different target customer. So the goal is to instantly discover what content should be shown. He/she is a local/global visitor and is/might be interested in regular/light, expensive/cheap or indoor/outdoor products/services.


In today's climate, we should be vigilant to different types and styles of hackers.
We will implement all known application security solutions while still offering your employees and customers the easiest possible access.

Project Management

We can implement or join Scrum teams. We can train your developers on the job. We provide best practices for Continuous Integration and Continous Delivery or use your existing CI/CD solutions. We do understand the importance of perfectly organised project management.


Adobe as well as Bloomreach offer fantastic cloud hosting solutions that we can manage for you or help you with. If however, you prefer to do self hosting using another professional cloud solution then we can provide that service too.

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