Het cloud team ...
... is een consortium van hoog gekwalificeerde software freelancers


Jef Waumans

Role: Software consultant en ontwikkelaar

Skills: Software architectuur, Software analyse en ontwikkeling, R&D

References: dINK, Colruyt, Mobilosoft, CMP Medica, Mobila, Total Belgium

Quote: Be friendly to the future, good planets are hard to find

Touch: Twitter: @jaav :: Skype: jwaumans :: Tel: +32497401305 :: Mail: jef[at]virtualsushi[dot]be :: LinkedIn: Jef Waumans


Ben Verbeken

Role: Software consultant en ontwikkelaar

Skills: Web application development, (REST) api design, XP & scrum

References: VDAB, Argenta, Nuon, CMP Medica

Quote: Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try. (Yoda)

Touch: Twitter: @bverbeken :: Skype: bverbeken :: Tel: +32486189989 :: Mail: ben[at]virtualsushi[dot]be :: LinkedIn: Ben Verbeken


Sandy Lemoine

Role: Graphic Designer

Skills: Web design, print design, mobile design

References: European commission, Brussels - Invest & Export, Brussels Mobility, Europabio

Quote: The public does not need great paintings but better mustaches (Dali)

Touch: Twitter: @SandyLemoine :: Mail: sandy[at]virtualsushi[dot]be :: LinkedIn: Sandy Lemoine


Xavier Serret

Role: Software Engineer, Designer, Architect , Business process analyst

Skills: Agile development, .Net, RDBMs, functional programming, C++, UML, MBA in Finance

References: NXP, Gemalto, Intertrust, EPC

Quote: Life is much more than a sentence

Touch: Twitter: @xserret :: Mail: xavier[at]virtualsushi[dot]be :: Tel: +32 472 608 906 :: Skype: xserret :: LinkedIn: Xavier Serret